Here's Where You Can Watch Every Maze Runner Movie

Here’s Where You Can Watch Every Maze Runner Movie

The “Maze Runner” trilogy, based on the novels by James Dashner, is an excellent example of the youths rising up to fight oppressive powers with sci-fi flavor narratives. The cast is excellent and the action and adventure are top-notch.

The “Maze Runner” trilogy is available for rent or purchase online

Maze Runner” is one of many young adult dystopian movies that have been turned into a trilogy. All three films have already been released and are now available online. You can rent them through various streaming sites like Amazon, YouTube, and Apple for $3.99 each, or buy them on Amazon for $4.99 each.

The Untold Truth Of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner trilogy may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a stroll down memory lane to revisit some of the most memorable (and terrifying) moments from both on and off the screen. Between an author cameo, terrifying on-set conditions, and a K-pop homage, the Maze Runner series is full of Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes moments that even the most discerning fans might have missed.

Did you catch these details when you watched the series for the first (or 40th) time? Warning: spoilers ahead!
Most fans dream about getting hired as actors on their favorite film franchise, but few live out their fantasy.

However, 12-year-old Blake Cooper won that honor after firing up a tweetstorm expressing his desire to play Chuck in The Maze Runner. Even before the films were underway, director Wes Ball was available and willing to listen to the fandom — helping Cooper snag the role of Chuck after a fan-led Twitter campaign. This goes to show that if you have enough drive and passion for something,

you can achieve your dreams with a little bit of creativity and hard work.

Easter eggs at Memorial Rock

Some YA franchises might be afraid to kill off beloved characters, but The Maze Runner certainly doesn’t hold back. If you compare the number of main characters who survived the series to those who didn’t, the death rates are staggering.

And that brings us to the remembrance depicted in the final film, The Death Cure. To honor their fallen friends, the surviving Gladers created the Memorial Rock. This rock is reminiscent of the carvings each Glader added to the Maze when they first arrived.

It’s a beautiful way to remember their friends who didn’t make it out of the series alive.
When Thomas etches his name on the Maze wall in the movie, fans may notice two other names: “Wes” and “Wyck.” These are references to the director Wes Ball and producer Wyck Godfrey.

In the series’s final moments, there is a Memorial Rock which has a carving of Ball’s name. This must mean that Godfrey survived the events of the series because his name is not on the rock.

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