Top 31 Best Nicole Kidman Movies On Netflix
How to watch these on Netflix

Did you know that you can watch Nicole Kidman movies on Netflix from anywhere in the world? All you need is an app called a VPN. A VPN will allow you to stream the movies on Netflix, bypassing any regional restrictions. So if you’re traveling abroad and want to watch your favorite Nicole Kidman movie, all you need is a VPN and you’re good to go!
A VPN will allow you to change your virtual location and access content from other countries.
For example, if a movie is only available on US Netflix, you can set your region to the United States to watch it.
There are many VPN services to choose from, but I recommend using ExpressVPN.
ExpressVPN offers world-class streaming speeds and has been a trusted provider for many years.
A risk-free 30-day money back guarantee makes trying them out a no-brainer. However, if you like to shop around, a couple of other great options are NordVPN and Surfshark.
Once you’ve found the VPN that’s right for you, simply connect to the country of your choice from the ‘Available in regions‘ list for each section below and start watching!

Boy Erased

A Baptist preacher sends his son to a church-supported gay conversion therapy center in an effort to rid him of his gay tendencies. The boy struggles to identify with his sexuality and the persecution from his parents certainly doesn’t help matters. The drama has proved to be a big hit with the LGBTQ community and is available in regions: Australia and South Korea.

Queen Of The Desert

Based on the real-life events of Gertrude Bell, at the turn of the twentieth century, she is bored of life living with the British elite and leaves the British Empire and sets up a new life in the Middle East.
Excited at the prospects of travelling to a new land and finding a new romantic interest, it seems that Gertrude has finally found her place in the world.
This period drama is worth watching.

The Beguiled

Set in Virginia during the American Civil War, a wounded Unionist soldier finds himself taking refuge in a Southern Girls School.
Fascinated by the good looking man in their school, the girls tend to him and try to win his affection.
Trouble ensues when the girls let the growing sexual tension get the better of them and they begin to fight amongst themselves.
This is a movie about jealousy and betrayal and is worth watching if you enjoy an interesting period drama.


detective Erin Bell is given an opportunity to return to her old life of crime. She infiltrates a gang in LA and works to solve a bank robbery. However, returning to this world may be a bad idea.

The Goldfinch

A young boy’s mother dies in a bomb explosion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is relocated to the Upper East Side of New York to live with a wealthy family.
The boy finds solace in a painting of a small bird in a cage (A Goldfinch). The painting helps him through the tragedy that changed the course of his life forever.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Set in 1970s London, our hero of the story Enn gatecrashes his favourite band’s after-party, where he finds every teenage boy’s dream fantasy… a room full of foreign exchange students.
However, he soon realises that things aren’t what they seem and that the exchange students have come much further than he thought… from space.
Enn finds himself having to protect the female alien that he has fallen in love with and enlists the help of the rock band Boadicea and her punk rock followers.
This movie pits 70s punk rock vs space aliens in a rather unique film.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus

Set in 1958 New York, Diane’s life is changed when a man with Hyperthricosis comes to live with her. She falls in love with him and is introduced to the world of freaks. This movie is intriguing and worth a watch.


In 1986, 5-year-old Saroo was living with his low-income family in India. During a trip, Saroo loses his family and finds himself 1500 miles away from his home.
The now orphaned Saroo is living on the streets struggling to survive until he is adopted by an Australian family living in Tasmania.
Saroo lives his life in a wealthy home and he is very happy. However, he is plagued by the memories of his family and seeks to find them.
Will he find his family and reunite with them after all this time?

Guardian Brothers

When a rival business targets a Chinese Soup Shop, the door *** comes back to protect the family and the business.
But with humans no longer believing in the spirit world or the old Gods, many of the Gods are unemployed and are relying on the Door *** to reignite humanity’s belief in order to restore the spirit world’s power.

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